Inner Peace and CSR- Parikrama Treks!

Where is peace to be found? Down the alley or around the corner, in the market or in the jungle, in the lap of god or the land of burial? These things often strikes me and am sure so it does to anyone who is seeking Peace?

We see tears, pain, broken heart and departures, we see smile, love, care and togetherness. Yes, these are the part of life but is this all we are living for? Does emotions means everything? What about our inner peace, does smile makes one satisfied to get closer for inner peace? IF yes, why and if no, why not, what then? Well, I can never answer this in depth.

Life teaches you things that you never thought you would do or never believe you will be.  This unexplained misery, unbearable pain of loss, unimaginable deaths and unworthy devastation by distastes teaches you lots of stuffs. Who would have ever thought, this massive earthquake is one step towards unity, towards humanity…

We Parikrama Treks, as a CSR company, took our step further towards help and kindness to needy. From the collected fund in our account by our beloved clients and friends is what helped us keep moving and keep serving. We tried our best to help survivors with relief aid, semi permanent shelter, and medical camp. Although this is not all, this is atleast something we did rather than folding your hands and doing nothing. Their smile, the rays of some hope and their blessings after our CSR deeds is what brought inner peace to me, to us and our Parikrama Family. We are there, are you?

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Nepal-Through Thick or Thin!

One of the temple in Sakhu, collapsed after Earthquake

Nepal, known as a country of brave warriors, Gurkhali is indeed what shows after these massive earthquake on April 25, 26 and MAy 12. These three massive quakes with uncountable aftershocks has flattened many villages leaving people homeless and more than 8000 deaths, nearly 23000 injured with lots of damages of our precious World heritage sites, mostly affected in Kathmandu Durbar Square, and some in Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath and Changunarayan. The first first week after earthquake was terrible experience most of us had probably ever had, no roof to sleep in (almost 90% of the houses either collapsed or needs repair) and people were sleeping in an open ground, no electricity, just nothing. More than that to live every second with the fear of death and searching your loved ones under the rubble is just beyond anyone’s imagination. Chaos, chaos, everywhere! cries, pain, fear, prayers-too painful to even think of it while I am writing after two months.

With every shades, there will always be the rays of hope and that’s what exactly happened by the people of my country, Nepal. The spirit and will to help each other was so strong that those who survived were helping survivors immediately after the earthquake hit. Out of fear, people could have hold back taking care of their own family, but NO, those whoever could rush to help those who desperately needed. Lots of volunteers could be seen in the affected areas, helping injured by taking them to hospital or taking out the people from rubble. Although 2 months passed, volunteers are not at all tired, they are going the affected areas despite of sun or rain, no any weather or any force can break the will to help for these volunteers. These effort shows why we Nepalese are known worldwide as brave gurkhalis- we never give up! Where the country is already poor, we couldn’t have been able to help as we are at the moment, all the care, love and prayers from the entire world is what keeps us moving. Have there have been no donations, no funds, it would have been hard to survive these hardships although they survived earthquake. It was just amazing to see many rescue team, soldiers and organizations from all over the world, despite their own country affairs, flying in and help us save many lives. No matter how much we thank all, it will always be less.

For me, this is what it shows, humanity is still alive and we are all one- Power, racism or money can never win the battle against humanity and the mankind. When life gives the hardships; through thick or thin, if we all stand together, then in no time we shall all revive and start smiling, and this earthquake is the proof! Hope there would be no hatred, no war and the world would be a better and peaceful place to live in.

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